We are all Foragers

What are we all looking for?  Well that is a very large question that cannot be answered in this one blog post...

But when it comes to say a random Thursday night,  one could fancy a big juicy bacon filled hamburger, a gooey dark chocolate raspberry lava cake, or that new pumpkin sour ale from the hot local brewery down the street.

…Or do we crave something more? Something with lasting memory. Something that gives us more than what we seemingly hope to acquire. Something more than just a piece of food or drink.

Since the beginning of time, humans have flocked together. We have built communities. Because this is what we crave. This is how we survive. This is how we thrive, through the companionship of others cultivated through storytelling.


To Forage is defined as "to search for food or provisions." Whenever we go to a new restaurant, bar, concert, event of any kind… we are foraging for something new, something incredible, something so great that we feel compelled to take an artsy food pic and share our experience with the world.

This is exactly what compels the Elite Yelpers of the world to share their experiences with others. They want to tell their story. They want you to experience their story with them, and then go create your own story in conjunction with theirs.

When you look at Yelp from a meta viewpoint, all it is really is a place for ultimate experience seekers to share their story with the world. In hopes to create an even better experience for others down the road. Yelp is a worldwide community of experience seekers, lovers, and foragers.


A quick look into the world of an Elite Yelper... 

As the Elite Yelpers of The Bay Area wandered into the expanse that was Forager, on their left they saw a cocktail bar presenting a Brazilian liquor few had ever encountered… and the line started to form. Once they had muddled and basically constructed their own Brazilian cocktail, instincts lead them to an open space where 20 different cafes, breweries, ice cream shops, and restaurants were waiting to be foraged. One of the first many tried was Sugar Momma’s Ice Cream Cart which boasts their famous strawberry ice cream with 24 quarts of fresh strawberries in each pint and boy could you taste those strawberries!

The Foraging continues throughout the night as these Elite Yelpers wander from one booth to the next all the while mingling, sharing, and enjoying the food and provisions they had discovered together. Most likely discussing how they cannot wait to write their next yelp reviews on these incredible eateries and this beautiful space **cough cough**  Forager **cough cough**  was providing…


When you envision this event, yes you think about the many different individual restaurants and breweries in attendance, but what does all of this together create?

On the surface, we may think we just want that hamburger or piece of cake or glass of beer… but what we truly crave is an experience— an experience that we can share with those around us. An experience that reminds us why life is so incredibly beautiful.

We want to share. We want to bond. We want to experience. We want to forage.

So if you have the chance to try a new restaurant or taste a new beer, or see a new performer we encourage you to go and relish in the opportunity you get to share with the ones you are with. And do not just wait around for something to fall into your lap… seek these opportunities out ! The Bay Area is full of places just waiting for you to explore, enjoy, and experience.

The Forager Team encourages you all to embrace the beauty of the San Jose community, relish new experiences, and most importantly, never stop foraging.