On Set With Love District

When Chris Pounders asks if his band can shoot a music video at your new spot, there’s really only one acceptable answer: Rock on! Here’s a sneak peek of some behind the scenes footage we grabbed while Love District shot their latest video Will You Find Me right here at Forager.

The crew rolled out all the bells and whistles for this shoot and it was really nothing short of an actual show… well, aside from all the lip-syncing, and the fact that they played the same song over and over again. Even after five or six takes though I wasn’t hearing any complaints- these guys rock, and their fans do too! I listened to the same song at least eight more times after I went home that night.

Rigging the projector up to illuminate the brickwork was a genius move; it really enhanced the slow motion effect on the people in the crowd. Can’t wait until they release the final cut; this video is going to be awesome.

In true rockstar form the band even had an impromptu jam session in between takes proving that these guys literally will not stop rocking out even at the behest of the director, lol.

If you aren’t following Love District yet it’s not too late if you start right now. Check them out and you’ll see what all the hype’s about: http://www.lovedistrictmusic.com  Rock on San Jose!