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Volaré Studios 1 Year Anniversary

Based in Santa Clara, the South Bay dance studio celebrated their one year anniversary back at Forager for another round of social dance and student performances. Volaré is for all things dance, music and culture, a place where we empower diverse members of the community (of all ages) to reach their full artistic potential. It’s a scene where you had to be there, friends and couples crowding the dance floor for one thing, to dance.

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Where Great Minds Think Alike

A symposium, depicts a friendly contest of extemporaneous speeches given by a group of notable people attending a banquet. And Vector, a company that focuses on simplifying the development of automotive electronics. With solutions made for engineers, by engineers. With tools for accelerating development. Tools that detect errors quicker and make testing easier. Tools to drive in the fast lane. Vector Solutions get engineers to where they need to be.

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Silicon Valley Design Expo with the IIDA

Interior Design responds to human need in the physical world. It is the business of creating functional, safe & healthy environments that integrate the architectural shell, functional & strategic requirements, technical & material components. Having them all under one roof we got to see the inner workings of the industry and get a better idea of how they help create a better environment from retail spaces to offices.

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