Vudaje, an Ever Growing Collab


Based in San Jose, Vudaje is a creative driven project between Mitchell Lujan, Amrit Mahi, Sean Corona and Ryan Abusaidi.

Mitchell got to sit down with us at Forager and share more of his vision for the project. Sharing his inspirations, he sees music as a way to lift people up and to have a good time. Whether it is an upbeat song to get you moving on your feet or lofi music to help you relax and put you in a trancn. Music helped changed the mood and Mitchell knew this. With influences like Michael Jackson, the musician knew that he wanted to be a part of it but just dance. He then picked up his first instrument, a bass guitar and knew that he wanted to be more involved in music without knowing were else to start. After being part of other bands Mitch grew more into a lead role of songwriting and singing lead. Thus creating Vudaje.

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Vudaje became a collaborative project were Mitch would start writing a song and then present it to the band members who would create and mix in different ideas for the sound. Creating something new from a foundation not only changes the make up of one song but also allows something to be learned from it. Each band member is able to contribute and become one in the creative process for each song. By having different influences Mitch gets a satisfaction of always learning. As a musician learning is part of the process and it makes sense that a project like Vudaje continues to expand their ideas and grow past their personal influence and continue to create something greater than themselves and help lead others in having a good time.

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