Ty Mauro

Words by Hailey Kemp

Photos By Brian Rampas

For the month of August Forager is excited to host San Jose native, Ty Mauro, who is performing every week as part of our residency program. The singer-songwriter has been honing his musical talents since childhood and is quickly developing a dedicated following in the Bay Area and beyond. Mauro realized early on in his career that playing shows in downtown San Jose was going to be more difficult than at first imagined.

With only a handful of venues dedicated to promoting local talent, the heart and soul of our city may be lacking in beats. Without an established portfolio or following, budding musicians like twenty-four-year-old Mauro have little chance of getting a foot in the door in an area with such limited opportunity. “From my experience it has been a little on the tough side...but I think it's growing. Actually, it’s definitely growing,” said Mauro, citing Forager’s residency program as an example of that potential. 

As a new kid on the block ourselves, one way in which Forager is hoping to positively impact the downtown arts community is to make our space usable for exploring what might otherwise be considered as unknown or unproven talent. With our residency program, we’re giving local artists the agency to take over the stage and establish a baseline for excellence in the local music scene. Residents are free to work with other local artists to create new collaborations each week and help pave the way for the future of San Jose music.

Being part of the wave of recent new developments popping up downtown, Forager hopes to generate SoFA’s still burgeoning momentum in revitalizing and supporting local art, music, and culinary exploration. Ongoing projects like our residency program serve the community as an outlet to experience, participate, and discover the untapped potential that the tenth largest city in the U.S. undoubtedly has to offer. 

Within San Jose, the metropolitan mega-city known almost exclusively for its innovative tech culture, the culinary and arts scene have long-since seemed like an afterthought. Along with participating in the ever-growing First Friday circuit, Forager intends to provide free, all-age performances every week, all year long. It is our aspiration to become a hub of artisan and craft expression, from eclectic musical selections on stage to pop-up chefs in the kitchen to hyper-local beers on tap.

It’s not too late to catch Ty Mauro and friends at Forager this month; 2 more shows await on August 18 and 31, starting at 9pm. 

Hear more from Ty below.

Brian rampas