Giving Thanks in the Valley of Hearts Delight

Thanksgiving is a day set aside for gratitude, reflection, and the sharing of food amongst friends, family, and loved ones. But for thousands of residents living un-housed in our city, the day is simply another struggle for survival, filled with loneliness, depression, cold, and hunger.

We believe the simple act of sharing food can begin dissolving some of the barriers fragmenting our community today. This Thanksgiving we would like to begin breaking down some of these barriers by inviting everyone over to “Give Thanks in the Valley of the Hearts Delight” a free Thanksgiving feast, open to the public, on Tuesday Nov 21. Our purpose is simple: to share a meal with those in need.

The sharing of food is a longstanding human tradition that has carried on since the beginning of time. It is to this day the most common means by which humans build relationships. Sharing food is an act of trust and intimacy. The simple action of sitting down at the table requires that you willingly forfeit any dominant or assertive standing position for a more submissive and vulnerable seated position. Picking up a piece of bread requires that you first unclench your fists or lay down your weapons. Ingesting food from an unknown source requires trust that your neighbor means you no harm.

Sharing food is also a subtle but profound acknowledgement of equality and shared human dignity. Sitting across from one another brings both sets of eyes down to the same level where each can attest to the shared human experience. Eating from the same dish signifies the acceptance of a common human condition; that regardless of how rich or how poor, each relies on an external source to sustain life. When we share food with one another we affirm our common mortality and innate human equality.


Local groups like South Bay Church, CHAM Deliverance Ministries, Trash Punx, Garden City Church, and many more are helping make this meal possible, but we need your help to make the event a success. Whether it's through a donation of clothing, toiletries, food, money, or time, we hope you'll give as you're able to support this event and the movement of change we're hoping to inspire.


While this is just one simple meal, we hope it will create additional opportunities for us to come together as a community to share more meals, experiences, and conversations, out of which we hope to find new solutions to address the challenges that face our community. We thank you in advance for giving to the cause in whatever way possible and we hope to see you on Tues Nov 21.





- The Forager Team

Brian rampas