Current Phase

Forager is currently in Phase 1: serving up local beer, coffee, and small plates. The space is also used as a venue for both private and public events crafted to the Forager ethos. As much as we are a home for Food|Bev innovation we are also becoming a destination for the local arts and music scene. We are in a constant state of evolving closer to our final phase concept. Follow our blog and social media to keep up to date.

Final Phase Concept

Forager is building a launching pad for entrepreneurs in the food, beer, and arts industry. We have plans to build 6 kitchens and a microbrewery in our space and will lease them out to local chefs and brewers who want to launch new food & beer concepts. Food|Bev entrepreneurs take part in our residency-style program with the goal of establishing proof of concept and launching their own brick and mortar within 12-18mos.




Heinz brings a mixed bag of transferrable skills to the company, from managing classrooms to managing products and projects and also helping run a small beer bar. He is the idea man behind the concept and is responsible for building up the Forager team. 



Over his 30+ year career in the industry, Dave is responsible for opening more than 35 restaurants for several prominent international corporations. Simply put, he knows how to launch new restaurants, build great teams, and get stores up and running at max efficiency. Dave is excited to run the day to day operations as Forager’s COO.



Bryan operates an independent financial advisory group and is responsible for all things numbers-related within Forager. Bryan’s financial management expertise comes in handy as he dutifully takes care of our growing team of investors.