Forager is a proving ground for the Culinary + Arts. While we are constantly evolving to bring this reality to life in new ways, we are steadfast in giving you the best locally sourced foods, drinks and entertainment San Jose has to offer. We aim to be a stepping stone for the passionate to find a place here for their idea to be refined and successful. If it is, we hope to partner with them as we bring a cultural change in the food and arts industry in downtown San Jose.  



Heinz Jones — Heinz has ideas. Some are good, many are not. We think this is one of the good ones. Heinz is an entreprenuer to the core and a connector of people, and is most passionate about creating opportunities for other humans.  

Dave Johnson — Dave is a managerial ninja and a logistics guru; he has worked in the restaurant industry for more years than the rest of us have been alive. Throughout a star-studded career Dave helped open more than 35 restaurants for several prominent international corporations. Dave gets all fired up about great food, quality service, and well-defined systems.

Bryan Chen  Bryan is a baller, plain and simple. He literally balls out super hard in the paint but also loves driving straight to the hole when he spots a blank entry cell deep inside a monthly balance sheet. Bryan runs an independent financial advisory group and is responsible for all things numbers-related within Forager. Bryan is super stoked on basketball, coffee, and QuickBooks.

Stevie Pape    Stevie is a master carpenter, acclaimed coffee-roaster, and highly skilled craftsman with a variety of trades under his belt. Dilapidated wooden panels, palettes, and old pieces of fencing eek out their lifeless existence holding out for that single glance from Stevie that promises renewed life as a refurbished coffee table, sliding barn door, or other reclaimed-wood furnishing. Stevie is co-owner of Devout Coffee and is focused on bringing quality, authenticity, and artistic vision to the Forager space. 

Jon Fisher — Jon is the other co-owner of Devout Coffee and brings a variety of skills with him to the table as well. From the technical install of our POS and A/V equipment to the deployment and advancement of our local artist residency program, Jon has his hands full and is focused on putting our best foot forward towards future-proofing our mission. Jon is a critical thinker, savvy business partner, and likes to get lost and subsequently found in the wilderness whenever possible. 



private events fund our progress > visit: www.eventSATFORAGER.COM to BOOK AN EVENT