Forager is an accelerator for local startup restaurants, creating social spaces and shareable experiences in food, beer, arts, & tech.

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Devout Coffee was once just two brothers in the garage, with a bbq converted into a coffee roaster. Fascinated by specialty coffee and the flavors that can be produced solely from the bean, they began to search out how to recreate that explosion of flavor they had experienced in specialty shops in the bay area.  As they began to show friends and family what coffee could, (and in our opinion, should) taste like they realized that people really loved it! Unless these friends wanted to drive 30min to the cities surrounding (or visit the garage...) there was just no place like it in their town of Fremont, CA.  Devout Coffee pioneered 3rd wave coffee in Fremont and now they are proud to be part of all that Forager will have to offer in Downtown San Jose. 


We have a small-stage live music venue equipped with state of the art sound and lighting production. We bring in an eclectic array of local and touring artists from solo singer-songwriters to big band jazz performances and everything in between. We actively search out and encourage talent development as much as possible in an effort to generate increasing appreciation for the local arts. When not in use, the stage area can be re-purposed as a pop-up art exhibit, artisan craft display, and a variety of other creative ways.


We have 144 self-serve taps in constant rotation ranging from local craft beers to Belgian imports, all of which allow you to pour as little as just a few ounces at a time. This self-service design allows guests to taste a large variety of beers in a single sitting; kind of like being at a beer festival, except we're open every day which is way better. We also have a craft cocktail bar offering a wide range of top shelf liquors, mixed drinks, and fine wines. 


Our app essentially enables a large-scale focus group to take place every day of the week. All of this data will be captured and analyzed to inform our predictions regarding which chefs should launch and whether or not a concept is marketable/scalable enough for eventual IPO. We hope to have enough data within 6-12mos to predict which of our chefs has the highest likelihood of success running their own restaurant and whether their concept is best suited as a single standalone store, regional chain, or national/international franchise.