A: We close a few times a month for private events. These events help fund our vision and as much of a bummer it is to not be here some days, a private event usually means something awesome is happening behind the scenes to look forward to! Be sure to check our website, or call on your way to make sure we are open! 

Q: How do i have a private or semi-private event inside forager? 

A: All of our event inquires are directed to www.eventsatforager.com, there you can let us know how many people and what kind of event it will be, we strive to get back within one business day. 

Q: I'm a musician, Ihave a band, I sing, Etc,  how do i perform inside forager ? 

A: You can apply to be part of our residency music program here.  The residency program is a large commitment and we review submissions carefully. Please link to your sound cloud or youtube so we can get a feel for your unique creative expression. 

Q: I have a resturaunt idea, how do i serve my food inside forager?

A: Currently, we don't have our chef's resident program up and running but hopefully very soon! Keep checking back - 

Q: What ever happened to those kitchens i heard people talking about? 

A: Unfortunately, our building's power could not handle the amount of kitchen's we'd like to put in. We are revisioning on how to make these incubator space more part of our space. If you are interested in investing into this idea, please contact us.