Forager is currently in the first phase serving local beer, coffee and small plates with a growing menu. The space is also used as a venue for both private and public events crafted to the Forager ethos. We are in a constant state of evolving closer to our concept, follow our blog and social media to keep up to date.


Forager is a launching pad for entrepreneurs in the food, beer, and arts industry. Each kitchen in our space is operated by independent chefs chosen through a rigorous selection process. In identifying potential chef candidates we look not only for high-quality, innovative menus but also a die-hard entrepreneurial spirit. Of the 7 individual micro-restaurants we plan to have 2 flagship anchors who will be with us for the duration of our lease, allowing for the other 5 to be rotating out every 12-18mos. We are minority shareholders in each new restaurant we launch and in exchange for partial equity we provide kitchen space in our facility at a discounted monthly rate while also serving as an advisory board and helping raise the capital needed for a chef to open his or her own self-sustainable brick and mortar restaurant.

Our brewery program is similarly unique. We have a 1 barrel nano-brewery which is consistently in use by a handful of award-winning homebrewers looking to go pro. We are the safest and quickest way to determine whether your plan of opening your own brewery is founded in reality or a lucid dream. You can keep your day job and brew with us during evenings and weekends; give the general public a taste of your beer to see how the market responds. Get your name out there, get your feet (and hands) wet in commercial brewing, start generating revenue, and in less than a year we've got a business plan, proof of concept, and market data to back up your pitch. We'll help you pave the way to opening up your very own brewery right here in the South Bay.  

San Jose has a growing local music scene and a vibrant arts history; there are many talented artists and musicians right here and in the greater Bay Area. Forager will be a place where artists can continue to contribute to the growing trend of turning downtown San Jose into a destination for not only food and beer, but also local arts and music. The unique design of our performance space is conducive to a wide range of genres and creative arts and one of our goals is to facilitate a greater understanding and appreciation for the local arts scene. 




Heinz brings a mixed bag of transferrable skills to the company, from managing classrooms to managing products and projects for Dell Inc and also helping run a small beer bar in San Jose. He is the idea man behind the concept and is responsible for building out Forager’s awesome team. Heinz is excited to be Forager’s CEO and looks forward to working hands-on with the beer program.




Bryan operates an independent financial advisory group and is responsible for all things numbers-related within Forager. Bryan’s extensive experience with money management will come in handy as CFO and as he takes care of our team of investors.  Additionally, with an insatiable passion for coffee, Bryan will also be helping manage the coffee bar and roastery experience.